Auvila Flash (05/30/2018): FERC/DOJ support IL nuclear subsidies; Favor EXC in overall long IPP strategy

Contrary to what we thought would happen, the FERC and the DOJ filed a (amicus) brief with the 7th Circuit of the US Court of Appeals in support of IL’s Zero Emissions Credits or ZECs
In the brief, attorneys for the FERC and DOJ argued that unlike the MD program that was struck down by courts, the ZECs do not require nuclear plants in IL to participate in MISO and PJM capacity markets
This is in contrast to the MD program …

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The Logic NY Fed Court Decision to Uphold ZECs is Spurious

The US District Court of the Southern District of New York (Fed District Court) yesterday ruled through New York Southern District Judge Valerie Caproni dismissed all challenges to New York’s Zero Emissions Credit (ZEC) program
The decision by Judge Caproni, though seemingly logical, is actually spurious, in our opinion. The decision was based on the following logic and comparison:
While we do appreciate Judge Caproni’s position and interpretation of the law, we note several inconsistencies in the Judge’s arguments

By acknowledging that financial subsidies do allow otherwise uncompetitive sources of generation to be built, Judge Caproni is acknowledging that financial subsidies do distort market pricing because it increase supply into the market relative to demand, which by definition, ALWAYS NEGATIVELY affects pricing

Conclusion: Therefore, we continue to believe that as the case is appealed to higher judicial authority, we maintain that the most rational outcome is the reversal of both NY and IL subsidies for nuclear power. However,

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