NRG 3Q2017: As economy rises-up from ashes, feels like NRG’s poised to take flight

Reported 3Q17 AEPS of $0.78 vs. our $0.74 and consensus of $1.01
Revised commodity price curve, which resulted in higher NIV but slightly lower estimates
Raising ST-Target/share to $35 from $30 on strength of rising economy
NRG has done a great job of realigning its strategy starting with GenOn and moving-on to its B/S management, and now its strategic overhaul. We believe these are all the right moves, and we expect that these will translate into further upside for NRG.
With new strategy, we’d also expect that NRG can reduce its hedging exposure but NRG has yet to disavow share buybacks
We’re intrigued and titillated by potential of Boston Energy Trading and Marketing (BETM like “bet ‘em”)
As expected, it appears NRG will sell 100% of NYLD with rest of its renewable portfolio and believe that NRG would be successful without both
We look for NRG to aggressively expand its Retail business, especially in the PJM where it has excess generation relative to retail load, which would also allow it to reduce hedging
We look for continued modest recovery in commodity fundamentals and macro-economic tail wind to pick-up
We like aggressive debt repay and cost cutting efforts. Successful asset sales would be ST driver.
ST we expect proceeds to be applied to debt repay, but MT it is likely to be redeployed to acquisitions and other growth projects

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