Auvila Flash (05/30/2018): FERC/DOJ support IL nuclear subsidies; Favor EXC in overall long IPP strategy

Contrary to what we thought would happen, the FERC and the DOJ filed a (amicus) brief with the 7th Circuit of the US Court of Appeals in support of IL’s Zero Emissions Credits or ZECs
In the brief, attorneys for the FERC and DOJ argued that unlike the MD program that was struck down by courts, the ZECs do not require nuclear plants in IL to participate in MISO and PJM capacity markets
This is in contrast to the MD program …

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Letter to FERC outlining our thoughts on how to redesign wholesale power market pricing mechanism

For years, I have been advocating for a wholesale change in how power is priced in the wholesale electricity markets. And, I wish to be heard on this matter, because I believe that my views are not only intelligent and cogent, but also on-point to a future grid that is both reliable and resilient.

From my perspective, there are five main issues that must be resolved to maintain a grid that is both reliable and resilient for the long-term:
Renewable power disruption of wholesale power pricing
Proper compensation of reliability and resiliency characteristics of generation
No regression to “cost-of-service” rates
No “freebies” to businesses
Redesign must be based on market principals

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