PCG: ALJ PD on Diablo Canyon seems a bit capricious, so room for upside

The PD has adjustments to employee, community, and energy replacement programs that PG&E believes are inappropriate and advocates for the settlement agreement to go forward as is. The significant differences between the settlement agreement and the PD are as follows:

The PD proposes that replacement power for Diablo Canyon Power Plant (DCPP) should be handled through the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) instead of separately through an independent track:
Our Analysis:
Instead of $350MM for the employee retention program, the PD proposes only $175MM, cutting the total provisions for employee assistance to $345MM from $520MM:
Our Analysis:
Complete denial of the $85MM in community assistance program (CAP):
Our Analysis:

Our Conclusion: Hearings are scheduled for November 28 with rebuttals due by December 4. We continue to expect a final decision (FD) by yearend. We’d expect the FD to … .

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