AES 3Q2017: We expect strengthening global economy to provide strong tailwind

As expected, AES looks to complete Alto Maipo
We believe improving global economy will provide strong tailwind
We continue to feel AEPS guidance through 2020 is conservative: We feel it’s closer to 11%, given organic growth should be some 4% and with 1% inflation, AES is already at 5% CAGR
Then new projects totaling some 6.6GW (up from 4.6GW at 2/2017) on base of some 27.0 net GW, about a 25% increase, should boost growth above 8%-10% guidance
But, AES is trading as if growth prospects are negative
Gas-to-power could be major LT growth source, particularly in Asia – reentry into China?
Philippines exit is a surprise
AES pointing towards its MCAC LNG strategy and energy storage projects to boost MT-to-LT growth
Issues surrounding AES, include, but are not limited to: 1) continues to pay more than a nominal dividend, 2) hasn’t disavowed share buybacks, and 3) growth trajectory isn’t at potential, in our view

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