Auvila Research Consulting

We are a truly independent, and opinionated equity research firm that serves our clients with Passion, Integrity, and Excellence through publication of insightful, in-depth, honest, and value-added research at the lowest cost possible to our clients.

We will not lie to our clients. We consider all information accessible to us and "dig-deep" on key issues to provide clients with the best information and our most thoughtful opinions possible. We do not hesitate to express our opinions even in the face of strong client resistance. If proven wrong, we admit our mistakes and reevaluate our views.

We are also a 100% minority-owned company.

We do not discriminate on any basis for employment and abide by all laws regarding equal employment opportunities and non-discrimination.

Auvila Research Consulting was founded because we believe that there is a better way

In our opinion, research should be an independent function outside the purview of any influence, interference, conflict of interest, or other unethical or immoral oversight.

Therefore, our securities-research business model eliminates investment banking, sales, or trading activities to deliver truly independent, insightful, in-depth, and value-added research at the lowest cost possible without conflicting priorities.

Lasan Johong - Founder, President and CEO

Lasan is the founder of Auvila Research Consulting LLC and Senior Analyst covering the energy infrastructure (including LNG), power and utilities sectors.

Lasan has over 20 years of energy-related experience in commercial banking, investment banking, private equity, and equity research at various leading financial firms, including General Electric Capital, Bear, Stearns & Co., and RBC Capital Markets, among others.  During his extensive career, Lasan has covered the oil and gas, exploration and production (E&P), energy infrastructure (including LNG), power, utilities, renewable energy, and coal sectors.

Lasan is the only analyst to predict all three paradigm shifts in natural gas markets in the last 20 years for the right reasons.  He is widely recognized for making numerous accurate non-consensus calls, many of which were initially deemed extreme or even irresponsible.

Lasan is the first analyst to earn three (3) First Place Starmine Awards in one year.   He has been awarded five (5) Starmine Awards over a 6 year period through the 2011 Awards.

Lasan has a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science from Columbia University's School of Engineering and Applied Science, and a Masters in Business Administration in finance from Columbia Business School.