EIX: Edison Energy Services (EES): Molehill trying to become an anthill with potential to become a hillock; we like approach but endgame’s murky

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Market Price (9/18/2017): $80.55; ST-Target: $100/share; NIV: $168/share

  • At present, EES is inconsequential to EIX and its shareholders and looks to remain that way:
  • By 2019 yearend, EIX expects EES to be breakeven:
  • The strategy behind EES for EIX is simple to explain:
  • Proof of concept by yearend 2019:
  • Absolutely, no additional capital investments in the next 18-months:
  • Conclusions: We believe that EIX will be successful …
  • Risk, like most things, is in the execution:

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