Auvila Research Consulting

We are a truly independent, and opinionated equity research firm that serves our clients with Passion, Integrity, and Excellence through publication of insightful, in-depth, honest, and value-added research at the lowest cost possible to our clients.

We are also a 100% minority-owned company.

We do not discriminate on any basis for employment unless an individual is sexist, bigoted, racist, sexually predatory, willfully ignorant, irrational, unjust, excessively politically-correct, rude, inconsiderate, dishonest, immoral, unethical, lack integrity or honor, disloyal, can't/don't/won't think, or discriminate against Auvila Research Consulting or its employees and their families, or the individual likes, are adept at or participate in office politics, or spread gossip, or discuss rumors.

We will not lie to our clients, unless we are bound by law to do so, we will always strive to provide our clients with our best efforts, we will not be afraid to express our true opinion, even in the face of strong client resistance, and when we are PROVEN wrong, we will readily and quickly admit to such errors. We will do our best to consider all facts and figures before rendering our opinions and thoughts, and we will strive to "dig-deep" on all issues that we may encounter to provide clients with the best information possible within our reach and to furnish clients with our best opinion possible.

Auvila Research Consulting was founded because we firmly believe that there is a better way

We believe that research should be an independent function outside the purview of any influence, interference, conflicts of interest, or other unethical or immoral oversight such as from investment banking. We also believe that the sales function is largely unnecessary and has devolved into nothing more than a point-of-registry function with the exception of a handful of highly accomplished and valued sales people. Therefore, to drastically reduce costs to our clients, we have eliminated the sales function, which then negates the need for a trading function.

In our opinion, our research model not only delivers truly independent, insightful, in-depth, honest, and value-added research at the lowest cost possible to our clients, but also does so without the intrusive interference from investment banking, conflicting priorities of salespeople and traders, or from other nefarious sources of greed and politics.

Lasan Johong - Founder, President and CEO

Lasan covers the energy infrastructure (including LNG), power and utilities sector for Auvila Research Consulting and is the founder of the company. On a functional basis he has experience in commercial banking, investment banking, private equity, and equity research. From an industrial coverage point of view, Lasan has covered the oil and gas, exploration and production (E&P), energy infrastructure (including LNG), power, utilities, renewable energy, and coal sectors. He served as a commercial banker, investment banker, private equity investor, and as both an associate and senior analyst in equity research covering the E&P sector. He also covered all of the above mentioned sectors as a senior equity research analyst.

His relevant former employers consist of one commercial bank, four investment banks, and the largest publicly-traded financial organization outside of commercial and investment banks. His last experience was with an investment bank covering the energy infrastructure (including LNG), power (including renewable energy), utilities, and coal sectors as a senior equity research analyst.

Lasan is known for having been the only analyst on the Street to have correctly predicted all three paradigm shifts in natural gas in the last 20 years or so for the right reasons, and is also known for numerous correct non-consensus calls that were deemed wild, irresponsible, crazy, grand-standing, and stupid, among other pejorative terms, at the time the calls were made.

Lasan has a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science from Columbia University's School of Engineering and Applied Science, and a Masters in Business Administration in finance from Columbia Business School.